Neroli - Anti Acne Toner

Neroli - Anti Acne Toner

50 Milliliters

Calm acne, relieve redness and flared skin caused due to excess sebum and pimples. Make your skin feel fresh again with just a spray of our Neroli hydrosol toner.

Rich in Vitamin C and anti oxidants, this anti acne toner will make your oily/combination skin in calming acne better.


Best suited for Oily skin. Can also be used over active acne. Helps in calming them and heal your skin faster. Freshens and tones your skin.​

Ingredients: Organic Neroli Hydrosol


Quantity 50ml


* Best suited for Oily/combination skin for immediate fresh feel.

* Can also be used over active acne to calm them.

* Heals skin faster.

* Freshens and tones your skin.​


Recommended for ages 12 and above. Suitable for all genders and all skin types. Best suited for oily/combination skin.


Fragrance Notes: Fresh citrusy smell with a tinge of floral notes.


Recommended Usage: Simply spray on face after face wash. Best to be used before a moisturizer or a serum.


This package contains 50ml Neroli toner in an amber colored glass spray bottle.


Manufactured in India