Face Scrub

Face Scrub


Facial scrubs can have very good ingredients or extremely stable formulation.. But it would all go to waste if they are abrasive and cause micro tears on your sensitive skin. So we filter them through a sieve and then through cloth.

Our facial scrubs are a mixture of ayurvedic herbal powders carefully chosen to address certain skin types.. Free of added fragrance, these scrubs are preservative free too.



Lodhra - Lodhra, Arjuna, Manjishtha, Red Sandal, Licorice, Bakuchi, SCI, Panthenol


Moringa - Moringa, Amla, orange peel, Tulasi, neem, Banslochan, SCI, Niacinamide



Apply Lodhra / Moringa on your wet face. Gently rub it with your finger tips on your face, applying the least amount of pressure. Wash it off with water.