Calming Baby massage oil made with a blend of cold pressed sesame, almond, and extra virgin olive oils. With herbs like Chamomile flowers, rose petals, Aparajitha flowers, vettiver, and Devadaru and essential oil blend of calming lavender and soothing frankincense.

This is a wonderful alternative for mineral oil filled tacky massage oils. Free of artificial colours, fragrances, fillers and preservative. Give your baby the best with our baby care range.


Cold pressed black Sesame seed oil, extra virgin Olive oil, cold pressed almond oil, Chamomile flowers, rose petals, Aparajitha flowers, vettiver,  Devadaru, Lavender and Frankincense essential oils.


Recommended Usage: Gently massage all over your baby's body and hair. Wash off with a gentle cleanser like Sunnipindi

IMPORTANT - Please do a patch test before use

100 ml