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There's more to Actives than AHAs & BHAs

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

What are AHAs and BHAs? They are chemical exfoliants/treatments that have to be used under the guidance of a qualified professional.

Yes, they help in reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. Are they suitable for everybody? There are cases where instead of reversing the damage they worsen it. Are these the only active ingredients which help in a myriad of skin conditions?

Right and wrong..

There's more to actives than AHAs & BHAs. But what are actives? This word seems to be popping up everywhere these days.

Let us explain what they are, why do you need them, and how they work.


Unlike your regular cleanser or moisturizer that clean and hydrate your skin on the surface, the actives tend to your skin/hair at a much deeper level. They target the cellular matrix of your skin/hair and heal it from within. They have been scientifically proven to give you long term benefits for your skin/hair. They can be proteins (Turmeric, Colloidal Oats, Rice, Wheat etc), vitamins (Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, etc) or extracts (Seaweed, Hibiscus, orange, etc). Bonus, THESE ARE GENTLER THAN AHAs & BHAs.


For example, pigmentation and dark spots can't be addressed just by using a regular moisturiser. It requires an active as the issue is much deeper. Here's where VITAMIN C comes into picture. It has been scientifically proven that VITAMIN C is known to reduce skin blemishes and dark spots. So it's better to choose a product with VITAMIN C to address that issue. Please note there are many other actives for hyper pigmentation and dark spot reduction (Licorice extract, Turmeric protein, Allantoin etc)


They target your skin/hair cells at cellular levels there by changing their very behaviour. They literally 're-build' the cellular structure of your skin/hair and make them better versions. Even if you stop using them for a certain period of time, your skin/hair would have enough strength for sometime to be healthy on its own. It's more like a lifestyle change.


We use many, but judiciously. Here are a few:

  • Plant based Collagen & Keratin for skin elasticity & hair maintenance respectively.

  • Allantoin & Turmeric protein for glow and reduction in blemishes.

  • Pro vitamin B5 & Olive Squalane for deep moisturisation and spot reduction.

  • Rice Protein, Wheat Protein, Oat Protein for healthy and hydrated skin & hair.

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