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How to apply face serum

Want a healthy, strong, and glowing face? Start using face serum. This blog post explains how to apply face serum for optimal results.

Find the right face serum

When investing in your skin care regime, let us start with what you have! If you are running low on facial products or need a new one, do not panic!

Many brands offer a trial size pack which can be done at home for yourself! Many people begin using their natural oils as a primer so they can layer other products onto their skin more easily.

Towel dry your face first before applying anything else. Then, choose a light wash of product and spread it across your face and neck. Let it sit for a few minutes and then apply another moisturizer directly on top. This will give your skin time to absorb the effects of the face serum.

(As always, use a soft brush or a piece of cotton to avoid transferring hairs or dirt into your pores.)

Blot gently but thoroughly to prevent over-oiling and drying out of the area. The key is finding a balance!

Sattwa Studio's Madhuram Face Serum is an all-in-one serum that helps with anti-aging, exfoliating and moisturizing.

Know what your face serum does

One of the most common questions people have is how to use their facial serums effectively. The first thing you should do is make sure that you are using your product correctly!

Most professional-looking faces never apply just one type of primer, blush, bronzer or concealer. They always mix together several products to achieve their look. That’s why it's so important to know what each ingredient in your facial product does!

The same goes for your face serum. There are so many of them. Know ingredients thoroughly and how each ingredient works.

Store face serums in a cool place

Keep the face serum in a cool environment. The final optional step in applying your favorite toner or serum is by mixing it with some of your own natural oils or cream to spread onto your skin.

Most people use their own oil as the finishing lube, but there are speciality oils that can be mixed into your facial product to give you better results. For instance, anyone who loves dry winter weather may want to add some of our our Hydrating Sunscreen Oils to their face products.

Just make sure to mix them in properly so that they don’t run off your face! We have lots of tips for doing this here. And remember, although these are considered “oils,” they are not necessarily healthier than using plain old sunflower or coconut oil!

Mix face serums properly

When applying your favorite serum, make sure you use a light hand! Too much product can look very heavy, especially if you have high skin-care standards.

Your skin will feel slightly heavier as the layer of cream coats it. This is not a bad thing, but try to avoid overdoing it unless you want your faces shinier or possibly even dry.

A small amount of product goes a long way; one drop will do! Many experts suggest using a brush that has been soaked in water first before applying the face primer so that it glides on smoothly.

Once you have applied the right amount, let the beauty of the product work its magic by letting it sit for a few minutes before being used otherwise it may be wasted.

Use enough

A face serum is not meant to be dripped onto your skin, only swished across the surface or even lapped onto your makeup brush!

Most derm-recommended ratios of product to the skin are one drop for each 1–2 square inches (6 mm by 6 mm) of skin. This means that using too much will simply wash off away!

Too much product also poses risk factors for allergy or irritation. The best way to use a face serum is as described above — just make sure you’re never pouring it directly onto your skin.

And don’t forget to breathe while applying — some people have a sensitivity to alcohol used in products so make sure to take a breath before spreading it all over!

Touch up your face serum

The second way to use this product is by touching it onto your face. Some people like to mix their primer with concealer or foundation, depending on what skin type you have!

This can be done either all over the face or only in areas of dryness or excess oil. Simply spread the cream using a soft brush and apply it evenly. Let it sit for a few minutes before checking if it has been absorbed enough and whether its texture is appropriate for your face.

You can wash the roller off later if needed but do not rub it away as some components may remain and then react with your skin.

Use sunscreen with face serums

When applying your choice of anti-wrinkle products including serum, make sure you have also applied an adequate amount of sun protection first!

Most sunscreens contain enough SPF (sun protective factor) for their own use as a cream or lotion. However, some people recommend doubling the number of SPFs when using your facial product under your makeup because your skin is not protected by natural oils like someone who uses a totally bare face formula product.

However, we do not advise this practice unless you are very careful to only apply a light layer and never forget to re-apply! The reason being is that most UV filters will begin to break down and be lost when exposed to sunlight or water so making sure you have adequate sun coverage without having too much is important.

Make sure to check whether your current sunscreen has an expiration date before buying a new one!

Use moisturizer with face serums

When applying your favorite facial products, you should always use some kind of carrier product to help them stay put! This is important because most face serums are also oils, so they can sometimes come in contact with the air which will cause them to evaporate and/or burn your skin.

Most people add their serum after using either sun lotion or regular moisturiser, but this isn’t ideal as only half of the bottle gets used up- there’s no way to know how much serum was wasted because it was covered up by another layer.

By mixing your serum with moisturiser first, you give yourself more time to use all of that product since you’re not wasting any on coverage. Just make sure both are wiped off properly – no oozy, hazy leftover bits!

Try new face serums

Serums from Sattwa Studio

Looking for a natural and organic face serum that is both affordable and effective? Look no further than Sattwa Studio! Our face serums are handmade with only the highest quality natural ingredients. We believe that what you put on your skin should be healthy and good for you, which is why we only use organic ingredients that are beneficial for your skin. Trust us, your skin will thank you!

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