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For Babies

Calming Baby massage oil made with a blend of cold pressed sesame, almond, and extra virgin olive oils. With herbs like Chamomile flowers, rose petals, Aparajitha flowers, vettiver, and Devadaru and essential oil blend of calming lavender and soothing frankincense.

This is a wonderful alternative for mineral oil filled tacky massage oils. Free of artificial colours, fragrances, fillers and preservative. Give your baby the best with our baby care range.


Cold pressed black Sesame seed oil, extra virgin Olive oil, cold pressed almond oil, Chamomile flowers, rose petals, Aparajitha flowers, vettiver,  Devadaru, Lavender and Frankincense essential oils.


Recommended Usage: Gently massage all over your baby's body and hair. Wash off with a gentle cleanser like Sunnipindi

IMPORTANT - Please do a patch test before use


550 INR


For Mommies

Carefully crafted to relieve the stress and reinvigorate a mom's skin. We know that she's a super woman and we've got her back.

Ishwara Beru -  To help reduce skin inflammation in healing wounds.
Arjuna - Helps in restoring moisture and fights the damage caused by free radicals.
Palash Seeds - Known for detoxifying the skin and also in balancing kapha dosha
Amla - Rich in vitamin c and helps in boosting skin immunity
Punarnava Root - Has anti aging and astringent properties.


Cold pressed black Sesame seed oil, Ishwara beru, Palash seeds, Punarnava, Amla, and Arjuna


Recommended Usage: Gently massage all over your body and wash off after an hour.


450 INR


For Babies & Adults Alike

The good old exfoliator. The herbs are all shade dried for a week at least and ground to make a fine powder. Kids safe too.


Whole green moong, Chikpea, Almonds, Bakuchi, Neem, Vettiver, Manjishta, Turmeric, Bilwa, Manjishta, Tulasi, Rose petals, Nagkesar, Jyotishmathi, Avarampoo, Lodhra, Nagarmotha, jatamansi, Devadaru, & Anantmool


Recommended Usage: Mix a little amount in water to make paste. Use the paste to gently clean your body.


350 INR

All Purpose

For Babies

This is a versatile butter that can be used by both Baby and Mommy. For rashes, mosquito bite marks, extra dry skin, this butter works just fine.


Shea Butter,  gurbandhi almond oil, extra virgin olive oil, and Organic Lavender Essential oil .

Recommended Usage:

Apply on skin after a patch test. 


375 INR

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