Hair Cleansers


All Hair Types

No time for a hair pack? We got just the one. Acts as a hair pack, hair wash, and a conditioner all at once.


Glycerine, Water, SCI, Capryl Glycol, hibiscus powder, Stearic Acid, Almond oil, coconut milk, Fragrance, Phenythyl Alcohol


Recommended Usage: Apply on hair for 15 minutes and rinse with luke warm water. Use conditioner if necessary.



425 INR


Shampoo for dry to normal hair

Gentle enough to use it daily. Does not dry out your hair. Argan oil to revitalize your hair, Omega fatty acid rich Flaxseed & Hemp oils to deeply nourish, and White Lotus extract to strengthen.


Glycerine, Water, SCI, Capryl Glycol, Olive oil, Flaxseed oil, Hemp oil, Argan oil, White Lotus extract, Fragrance, phenythyl Alcohol


365 INR

Green Clay

Shampoo for Oily and dandruff prone Scalp

Gentle enough to use it daily. Green clay helps in mildly detoxifying the scalp. Extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil to gently cleanse and sea weed extract to nourish your hair.


Water, Glycerin, SCI, Capryl Glycol, Cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, Sea Weed extract, French Green Clay, Fragrance, phenythyl Alcohol


375 INR

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